For Providers

HRS provides Consulting Services to skilled nursing facilities, with the objective of reducing bad debt resulting from unreimbursed medical care provided by skilled nursing facilities to its residents. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Account Manager and Case Manager(s) responsible for completing, applying for and processing Medi-Cal/Medicaid applications and redeterminations for all skilled nursing facilities residents needing Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits to pay for care.

Weekly contact with each skilled nursing facilities, to identify any potential financial liability cases involving its residents, responsible parties and government agencies. HRS will assist skilled nursing facilities employees in obtaining financial reimbursement in these cases.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, HRS will assist skilled nursing facilities with residents that have a diminished mental capacity or the inability to obtain Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits on their own.

HRS will assist skilled nursing facilities residents, in need of discharge, with necessary planning in order to qualify for community Medi-Cal/Medicaid programs and Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits that can finance their return home.

HRS will partner with skilled nursing facilities Admissions & Marketing team to screen potential residents who may be discharged to Skilled Nursing Facility facilities ensuring a reimbursement payer source prior to admission from an acute hospital, when needed.

HRS will provide weekly status reports to the leadership team of each facility and the corporate office of skilled nursing facilities.

Medi-Cal/Medicaid - HRS will classify skilled nursing facilities residents as either eligible or ineligible for Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits. If eligible, HRS will work directly with the resident to obtain these benefits. If ineligible, HRS will advocate for and refer resident or responsible party to professionals for planning to qualify for Medi-Cal/Medicaid benefits.