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<span>We Advocate For Your Loved One</span>

We Advocate For Your Loved One

Quality healthcare for your loved one is essential, and we believe that accessing that care shouldn’t drain their resources.

Applying for Medi-Cal and other private and governmental programs is overwhelming. Our highly trained consultants navigate clients through the process of becoming financially eligible for the benefit program that best fits their needs.  

We advocate on behalf of your loved one to maximize their wealth and protect their best interests.

At the same time, we assist you in finding the proper care to keep them living comfortably and safely.

Our Mission

To assist Californians in navigating the complexities of funding long-term care for themselves and their loved ones.

Our Primary Purpose

Why We Serve


Healthcare Resource Services was founded in 2009 by fellow Californian, Ray Linker. As a veteran in the financial services industry, Ray realized that individuals and families frequently struggle to navigate the long-term care system. Ray has experienced this with his own aging clients. 

With his 35 years of industry experience, Ray and his team help clients develop financial strategies that protect, grow, and transfer their assets to the next generation. Since founding Healthcare Resource Services, he has helped over 5,000 clients secure long-term care benefits, and access quality care in their community.

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