We help hospitals and nursing homes recover revenue on accounts that are traditionally sent to collections or written off as charity or bad debt.

Before that happens, HRS will review those accounts and work with the responsible party, public guardian, and government agencies to find reimbursement for the services provided. As your advocate, our registered and licensed financial consultants dedicate their technical expertise to generating revenues from these accounts, rather than letting them pass to a collection agency.

Through our partnership, we can provide the following services:

  • We will support your hospital with training and/or hiring employees as financial counselors who can assist hospital patients with reimbursement issue
  • We can also provide your facility with an on-site HRS financial counselor experienced in all aspects of reimbursement. This advisor would process and complete all applications for financial reimbursement on your behalf.

Discharge Assistance

A continuous challenge that faces hospitals is the ability to discharge patients expeditiously. When a patient is uninsured, under insured or has exhausted their rehabilitation days, it can be very difficult to find a care provider to accept that admission. HRS partners with hundreds of skilled nursing facilities through California and can effectively help the hospital discharge patients to these facilities prior to a secondary payer source being secured. HRS will screen your patients prior to discharge and get them started on the qualification process for any benefits that may be available to them which include but are not limited to Long Term Care Medi-Cal / Medicaid and Veterans Aid & Attendance. If they are not eligible for these benefit programs due to excess assets, then we will either engage in financial and estate planning to qualify that resident for benefits or they will pay privately for their care.