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Did you know that you or your loved one can qualify for benefits to help offset the cost associated with long-term care regardless of assets and income?

  • Are you concerned about running out of money while paying for care? 
  • Would you like to know how to generate a guaranteed income stream to pay for long term care? 
  • Are you interested in learning how government benefits can reduce your healthcare expenses?  
  • Would you like to know about asset protection strategies considering yours or your loved one’s current health condition? 
  • Are you interested in knowing about potential income tax deductions for healthcare expenses? 
  • Do you have a trust, power of attorney for finances and a healthcare directive that needs to be reviewed to make sure nothing has been overlooked? 

With over thirty years of experience assisting families, Healthcare Resource Services is here to help you through the challenges as it relates to funding long-term care.  Whether your loved one needs in-home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing, there are benefits available that can help reduce the cost of care.  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, call today for a complimentary consultation.

In Home Care

In-home care is commonly the first step that families need to take for their loved one.  Whether the care revolves around cognitive issues or the inability to perform activities of daily living, in-home care can be the answer to your loved one being able to stay at home.  HRS can identify benefits you may be entitled to, to help pay for in-home care.  Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefits can result in up to $2,540 in income benefits which can help offset care-giving costs.  Medi-Cal In Home Supportive Services can provide up to nine hours per day of care-giving assistance.  Other possible programs that may help fund in-home care include but are not limited to reverse mortgages, bridge loans, DHS waiver programs, etc.  HRS can help you determine the most appropriate solution.


Assisted Living, Memory Care & Board and Care

Assisted Living, Memory Care or Board and Care is typically the next level that a family will pursue when it is no longer safe or possible for their loved one to be at home.  The cost of assisted living, memory care & board and care in California will typically range between $3,500-6,000 per month.  These facilities are commonly misplaced into the same category as skilled nursing.  Though these facilities can at times provide equivalent care to a skilled nursing facility, the difference is that Assisted Living, Memory Care & Board and Care are usually self-pay and ineligible for Medi-Cal benefits.  However, there are options we can pursue to offset the monthly cost of care.  Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefits can result in up to $2,540 which can help offset the facility costs.  In addition, there are some waiver programs from DHS that may cover the facility cost.  Other possible solutions include selling real estate to pay for care and adjusting your financial portfolio to generate additional income.  HRS can help you decide the most appropriate solution.


Skilled Nursing & Sub-Acute Care Facilities

When In-Home Care and Assisted Living are no longer options, or when a diagnosis is too much for lower levels of care to handle, skilled nursing and/or sub-acute care may be the most appropriate option.  In California, skilled nursing average $10,000 per month for and close to $30,000 for sub-acute care.  For most families, this is not a sustainable cost to absorb.  Long-Term Care Medi-Cal is available for both single persons and married couples and can drastically reduce the monthly cost of care.  A common misconception is that you must spend down all resources to qualify for Medi-Cal.  This is false, and HRS can explain how these programs work and how you can protect your estate and get your loved one the care they need.

At Healthcare Resource Services, we GUARANTEE our services, giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind.

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