Assisted Living & Memory Care

Assisted Living, Memory Care or Board and Care is typically the next level that a family will pursue when it is no longer safe or possible for their loved one to be at home.  The cost of assisted living, memory care & board and care in California will typically range between $3,500-6,000 per month.  These facilities are commonly misplaced into the same category as skilled nursing.  Though these facilities can at times provide equivalent care to a skilled nursing facility, the difference is that Assisted Living, Memory Care & Board and Care are usually self-pay and ineligible for Medi-Cal benefits.  However, there are options we can pursue to offset the monthly cost of care.  Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefits can result in up to $2,540 which can help offset the facility costs.  In addition, there are some waiver programs from DHS that may cover the facility cost.  Other possible solutions include selling real estate to pay for care and adjusting your financial portfolio to generate additional income.  HRS can help you decide the most appropriate solution.